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Makeup Tips to live by!

These essential makeup tips will be your guide to achieving the perfect makeup looks for any occasion.

Print them out and keep them with you for an easy reference guide!

1. At home, casual relaxed makeup

  • Keep it natural
  • Focus on clear, glowing, dewy skin
  • Eye and brow definition – stay away from too much color especially eyeshadow
  • Natural lip, clear gloss
  • Beautifully defined eyelashes, don’t forget to curl!

2. Makeup tips for the office, professional and confident

  • Long wearing foundation essential
  • Delicate smokey eye is as far as you should go with drama
  • Eye and brow definition is crucial, set your brows
  • Lightly defined lip, stick with a natural to rose / light coral pallet. A dramatic red lip is beautiful with a defined and lighter eye look.
  • Do not over do your blusher
  • Keep blotting papers on you at all times, especially for an oiler skin

3. Girls night out, glamorous and fun makeup

  • If you are going out dancing, long wearing foundation is essential
  • Glam up with a dramatic smokey eye
  • For that ultra chic look, apply some light foundation to the lips, allow to set. Apply either clear, or very light gloss over the lips.
  • Go wild with bright, neon and over the top lip colors (try not combine this with a very dramatic eye). I prefer mat finishes to these neon colors
  • Highlight just above the blush area (near the temple), use an iridescent / shimmery highlighter.
  • Apply more blusher than you would for your day look – bright club lights and camera flashes instantly take color away.

4. Makeup tips for special occasions, dances and events

  • Fabulous opportunity to go all out with glam hair and makeup
  • Eyelash extensions are an amazing investment into your look for a special occasion
  • Stay away from stick on lashes – unless you have confidence in the glue (which you should always buy separately, don’t use the glues that come with the less expensive lashes)
  • You can get away with having both a dramatic eye and lip, depending on the occasion.
  • Defined cheeks, highlight!
  • Again, apply more blusher than you would for your day look – bright lights and camera flashes instantly take color away.

5. Winter holiday makeup tips

  • Depending on your skin type, pack barrier cream in case you react to the climate and become sensitive or very dry.
  • Use foundation that does not transfer, especially if you will be wearing bulky clothing and scarves that may rub off foundation.
  • Stick to a natural look, focusing on a dewy and glowing skin
  • Defined eyes and brows, set brows

6. Summer holiday makeup tips

  • Make sure you have a facial bronzing cream or gel
  • Foundation can be replaced with a great tinted moisturizer or bronzer, with a sun protection factor either built in or applied after.
  • Powder or cream bronzers are great for a sun-kissed glow – apply carefully to the areas on your face that the sun would naturally bronze.
  • Dewy, fresh skin – rinse your face in ice cold water as you wake up, and repeat if possible a couple times throughout the day.
  • Shimmer creams, powders and lotions – these are great on a summer holiday and really boost that natural tanned look!
  • Stay away from too much sun exposure, there are so many amazing self tanning products available that give fabulous natural looking results.

Make-up application on a rested face

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