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Skincare tips for optimal makeup results

The most common skincare concerns are usually attributed to your natural skin type, as well as lifestyle and of coarse genetics in some cases.

There are 3 main categories of skin types, and once you have established which type you are, it is the first step in planning a great skincare regime.

  1. Skincare tips oily skin
  • Women with oiler skins tend to experience challenges such as breakouts, blackheads, enlarged pores and shiny skin.
  • The benefit of having an oiler skin is that the aging process tends to take a little longer to show.
  • Oily skin needs to be taken care of just as much as dry or dehydrated skin, there are multitudes of products available to combat excessive oil production and mattify your look without dehydrating your skin.

Skincare tips and makeup Tips  for oily skin:

  1. One of the most important elements in all skincare is drinking plenty of water.
  2. Try drinking a glass of fresh lemon water as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  3. Splash your face with ice cold water before you begin your skincare regime.
  4. Ladies with oiler skins tend to prefer using a face wash as opposed to a creamy cleanser. A foamy facial wash is recommended for oily skins.
  5. Don’t forget to use a toner. Oily skins usually like clarifying toners to assist with mattifying your skin and some clarifying toners also work as exfoliators.
  6. Keep blotting papers on you, these are great to carry in your handbag and you can simply blot over the areas that have produced too much oil and give a shine.
  7. Use oil free foundation
  8. Apply sunblock to your skin every day
  9. Exfoliate! This is such an important element in taking care of your skin, exfoliation removes dead skin cells off the surface of the skin, also allowing your products to work better. Do not over exfoliate – once a week for oiler skins is ample.
  10. Hydrate your skin – although your skin may be oily, it also may be dehydrated. Take care to hydrate your skin with hydrating facial masks.
  11. Stay away from too much oily food rich in added salt and sugar.
  12. Consume more fresh green leafy veggies, and plenty of fresh berries and fruit.
  13. Ensure that you remove all makeup at the end of the day, and follow with your toner and moisturizer and or any serums or other treatments you may be on.

2. Skincare tips for combination Skin

  • Combination skin is one of the most common skin-types in South Africa.
  • The ‘oily T zone’ tends to produce more oil than the cheek area, and thus resulting in a combination skin-type.
  • During the summer months, there is usually more oil production within the T zone, and in winter we find that there is not as much oil production as in the more humid and moist summer months.
  • Combination skins can sometimes become very dehydrated because there is more effort focused on balancing the skin and controlling the oiler areas, and sometimes the skin suffers from dehydration as a result.

Skincare tips and makeup tips for combination skin:

  1. Water intake (and diet and lifestyle) is very important when wanting a great skin!
  2. There are great products available today, which are specifically targeted at combination skins. Find a regime that suits your lifestyle and feels great on your skin.
  3. Either a foaming facial wash OR a milky / creamy cleanser may be used on combination skins.
  4. Toning is very important – this step assists in clarifying the skin, picking up anything that the cleanser may have left behind, and balancing the ph level of the skin.
  5. When selecting a moisturizer, consider sun protection as well as oil balancing properties.
  6. Depending on the maturity of the skin, an oil free foundation is recommended.
  7. Remember that exfoliation is essential – twice a week for combination skins should be ample.
  8. Hydrate – try fit in a hydrating mask once or twice a week to keep your hydration levels up.
  9. Ensure that you remove all makeup at the end of the day, and follow with your toner and moisturizer and or any serums or other treatments you may be on.
  10. Follow all these skincare tips for great skin results

3. Skincare tips for dry Skin

  • Ladies with a dry skin do not usually experience challenges with enlarged pores and over production of oil.
  • During the winter months, dryness is intensified and many women with dry skin suffer from over sensitivity, flakiness, redness, dehydration and that dry itching sensation.
  • Dry skin shows the effect of aging much more, especially if you do not control the dryness and lift your moisture and hydration levels.

Skincare tips and makeup tips for dry skin:

  • Again, plenty of water daily helps keep the hydration levels up.
  • Stay away from consuming too much added salt and sugar.
  • Exfoliation is essential for ladies with dry skin, it clears away the dead flaky skin, and helps with new cell regeneration. Be sure to select a gentle exfoliation product that is not rough or harsh on the skin.
  • Calming toners and milky / creamy cleansers are recommended for dry skin.
  • In some cases, its a great idea to use a barrier cream when the skin gets exceptionally dry and uncomfortable.
  • Try bathing / washing your face in soluble bath oil
  • Try stay away from oil free products
  • Use a creamier blusher than a powdered option
  • Consuming food products that contain high amounts of omega 3 oils (Salmon is a great food for anti aging properties as well!) and of course plenty of fresh green leafy veggies and fresh fruit and berries.
  • Ensure that you remove all makeup at the end of the day, and follow with your toner and moisturizer and or any serums or other treatments you may be on.
  • Follow these skincare tips for great results

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Skincare tips

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